I only see children and young people by appointment and need a referral from a health professional (e.g. GP, paediatrician, psychologist) before I can see a patient. 


The first appointment lasts 1 1/2 hour and it is often most helpful to see the child/young person together with the parents the first time to try and get a sense of everybody's view. Often I will also see the child/young person on his/her own and I am, of course,  also happy to see the parents separately.

At the end of the first meeting, we will discuss the diagnosis and agree on a plan for how the child/young person and the family best can be helped to overcome the difficulties.

If I need to see the child/young person again the following appointments will last 1/2-1 hour. 


A school report is often useful and I will sometimes ask permission to contact the school after the appointment. If you have any reports from other professionals, please send me a copy beforehand or bring them with you to the first appointment.


I will write a report to you and the referrer after the appointment.