I am a medical doctor, which means that I can prescribe medication when needed. I qualified as a doctor in Denmark in 1995 and as a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry in 2007.


I am fully licensed to practice by the General Medical Council and I am on GMC's specialist register. My GMC number is 5959683. 


I have nine years of experience working as a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in the NHS.


I am trained in systemic therapy from KCC (Kensington Consultation Centre), London, 2005, and have been doing family therapy and family consultations for many years. 


I also have a postgraduate training in narrative therapy and have in addition undertaken a wide range of psychotherapeutic courses (both psychodynamic and CBT approaches).


I have an extensive professional network in the Cambridge area and I often work collaboratively with psychologists, counsellors and dieticians. I work closely with the team from Cambridge Clinical Psychology Services and should your child need psychological treatment, I will often refer to them. We will then work jointly to support your child getting better.


I belong to the CPD group at 35 Great James Street, London.