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    I am a child and adolescent psychiatrist practising in Cambridge.

    I offer assessment and treatment for children, young people and support for their families. 


    I practice in a child and family-friendly way with a focus on strengths and resources. I work collaboratively with children, young people and their families to help them to make sense of the difficulties and to find ways forward.


    I see children and young people under the age of 18 with emotional, behavioural, or relationship problems.


    I offer diagnostic assessment and treatment of children and young people with possible:


    • depression

    • anxiety

    • OCD

    • tics and Tourette's syndrome

    • PTSD

    • ADHD/ADD

    • eating disorders

    • autism/Asperger's syndrome with related problems

    • gender dysphoria

    • unexplained medical symptoms


    In addition, I offer: 

    • family consultations

    • liaison with other professionals involved

    • joint working with other professionals if needed


    Please note that I do not offer an emergency service. Nor do I see children/young people with serious suicidal thoughts or severe psychotic symptoms. These children are better treated in the NHS, where there is access to admission if needed.